A Day at the Tennis 

Hi there everyone, can you believe this amazing weather we are currently having?! Blanch and I are loving the long, light evenings at the moment and the super sunny weekends! Taking full advantage of this gorgeous weather we decided to try our luck at getting in to Wimbledon to watch some of the amazing tennis that is currently being played, sip pimm’s in the sunshine and eat our body weight in strawberries and cream.

Ever since we first moved to London we have always wanted to visit Wimbledon for the day, to soak up the atmosphere, and of course watch some pretty fab tennis too. As we were both newbies to Wimbledon we both did a bit of reading up online via the Wimbledon website on the best way to get tickets and most importantly to suss out how early you have to join the queue!

After speaking to a couple of colleagues who assured us that it was totally worth the wait, we set our alarm clocks for 4am (eek!) to hopefully get into the queue for 5.45am and I must say it was the best queueing experience I have ever been part of! Once you arrive in Wimbledon Park you are given a queue card with a number on (we were number 4487) and directed to a spot on the camp where you could set up base for the next couple of hours. As it was already pretty warm by 6am everyone was laying out enjoying the sunshine and getting the first rounds of iced coffee in. What’s great about having a queue number is that you can leave the queue at any point to maybe stroll round the food stands, try your hand at a game of tennis or even shop from the Ralph Lauren bus and not lose your place.

At around 7am the hard core fans who have camped the night before are first called up and able to make there way through security, it was around 9am that we started to join the security queue but it honestly didn’t feel like we had been waiting for hours. There was such great atmosphere in the park, people were already cracking open the bubbly at 7am! There were some great freebies to pick up to in the queue too including iced cold drinks, snack bars to keep you going as well as some of the friendliest volunteers we have ever met.

We got in to the Wimbledon grounds at around 11am and headed straight for court 3 to catch one of the single women’s games, it was such an amazing experience being sat court side and so close to the game. Our ground pass ticket allowed us access to all courts from 3-12 as well as access to the lovely grounds and of course Murray Mound where you can watch the centre court games on a large screen. It was such a great atmosphere sat on the hill watching Nadal while sipping on Pimm’s in the sunshine.

We had such a fab day visiting the different courts while witnessing some pretty impressive tennis. Towards the end anyone with a ground pass ticket has the opportunity to buy a centre court ticket for only £10 and all money goes to local charities. We took full advantage of this and were able to catch Australian star Kyrgios versus Nishikori from Japan, it was a pretty intense game and such a great experience viewing some of the worlds best tennis stars in the centre court.

Wimbledon continues this week until the men’s final on Sunday the 15th of July and if you have the opportunity to visit I cannot recommend enough. It really was a brilliant day watching tennis from the worlds greats, whilst picnicking in the sunshine and taking in the fab atmosphere. We can assure you that the early start and are queue are totally worth it…..we promise!

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