My Top 5 Bookshelf Ideas

January- its that time of year again where we take a step back, and in my case grab a large mug of tea and a notebook and jot down our ideas and goals for the year ahead. With the dark evenings and wooly hat weather it is also the perfect time to a have a new year sort out- exciting I know! However a bit of decluttering can be good for the soul not to mention your home.

One of my favourite pieces of furniture has always been the trusty bookcase, I dream of one day owning a living room with a wall full of floor to ceiling book cases, squishy velvet armchairs and a warming log burning stove. I can quite easily spend hours arranging various knick knacks on the different shelfs and not to mention colour coordinating my entire book collection! Well styled shelves can make any room as well as of showoff your much loved titles and favourite pieces.

Like any furniture used for the storage the bookcase can become quite full over time with old magazines, out of date birthday cards and that one to many empty candle jar because you never know when it might become useful! The start of the new year is a great time of sort through anything that may be over cluttering those beautiful shelves. To inspire you I have put together a couple of bookshelf decor ideas that caught my eye on Pinterest this week as well as one styled bookshelf of my own- enjoy!

I love how many plants have been used to style this bookcase, I have always been a big fan off bringing the outside in as much as possible. Placing the potted terracotta in various places on the shelves also helps to break up the linear structure of the books and of course the colour coordinated books look fab!

This shelving scheme is super simple with a neutral colour palette that adds calmness to any room. I love the clean cut lines of the old books and the glass jars work well filled with scraps of fabric, old ribbon or perhaps shells.

Combining a bar with a bookcase is in my eyes a genius idea! Combing your favourite tipple bottles with some of your best reads is a sure fire way to a great evening. Keeping to a monocramtic colour scheme keeps the shelfs not looking to cluttered.

Growing up by the sea I love to display some of my favourite coastal treasures such as driftwood collected from the beach or embroidery created one rainy afternoon. Using a ladder style bookcase is a great way to store your pieces especially if you may be tight for space. Mix and matching different elements with decorative accessories helps to give a personal touch.

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    oh GOD yes. combining a bar with a bookshelf is the dream! i am planning on making alcohol a feature in my new home haha. it’s a shame i’ll have to replace the bottles every few weeks(!!)

    katie. xx

    January 11, 2018 at 6:21 am
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