Easy Spearmint Matcha Latte

Now that Autumn is on its way Olive and I are looking to spending lazy evenings in catching up on our latest Netflix addiction accompanied by a large mug of warm full matcha tea. The lovely guys at Bird and Blend Tea Company have just released not one for three new matcha flavours, perfect for the Autumn season.

Our favourite is the spearmint flavour matcha which combines Japanese tea with nettle greens and peppermint. When blended with milk the matcha powder creates a delicious warming latte.

To create your matcha latte, first bring a large mug full of your chosen milk to a bare simmer in a small pan over a medium heat.

Next place 1 teaspoon of your spearmint matcha power in a heatproof cup, start by slowly whisking in a couple of tablespoons of hot water to form a paste. Continue to whisk in your chosen milk with the matcha and sweeten with honey if desired.

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