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Recently Blanch and I have been undertaking a little competition of who can stay vegetarian for the longest….What started as a month long friendlyish competition between sisters back in June has now turned into something a little more serious, a little more kinder to the plant and a feeling of being that little bit healthier.

Along with the many health benefits being vegetarian has from lowering blood pressure to reducing heart disease, there have been recent findings that being vegetarian or vegan is also a great way to reduce your impact on the environment.  With the livestock sector being one of the top two to three significant contributors to environmental concerns, including global warming, air and water pollution and land loss. Eating a primarily vegetarian or vegan diet is one of the easiest ways for us to individually help reduce our footprint on the plant. There have even been recent studies in America that state eating one vegetarian meal a week can have the same environmental impact as losing 5 million cars of the roads!

Growing up on a carnivore diet we totally understand how hard it can be to make this lifestyle change and adopt an vegetarian diet. Blanch and I are defiantly not perfect and have had some slip ups over the last couple of months! However even if you just eat meat on the weekends and be veggie in the week or start by just having one veggie meal a week, this will still make a significant difference to the planet, your health and your purse strings.

Blanch and I are lucky enough to have a number of friends who make eating vegetarian even vegan so easy and delicious! Therefore we have grouped together some of our favourite veggie recipes to share with you, manly concentrated around super easy and quick dinners that you can russell up straight after work.

I could not start my list of favourite veggie meals without mentioning the infamous Deliciously Ella , blogger turned best selling author and now deli owner. Ella has made the vegan world accessible to everyone and has an amazing selection of the most delicious recipes on her website and in her cook book. This Sweet Potato, Lemon Grass and Coconut Curry is from her most recent cook book The Plant Based Cookbook and is perfect as a winter warmer now the evenings are getting that little bit cooler.

A good friend introduced me to The Happy Pear , ran by two Irish twins, The Happy Pear  has evolved from a local veg shop to a series of best selling plant based cook books, cafes in and around Dublin and a range of delicious products sold across Ireland and the U.K. This recipe for creamy mushroom pasta is super easy to make and full of comforting goodness, the perfect mid week dinner.

BBC Good Food is a great source of meal time inspiration and have a huge selection of quick and delicious vegetarian recipes. Olive and I first tried these sweetcorn and courgette fritters at a Saturday brunch and were determined to re create them ourselves. Only using a few ingredients including tinned sweetcorn, spring onion, grated courgette and a dash of flour, these fritters are super easy to make as a mid week snack or delicious with a poached egg on top for a weekend brunch.

Pinterest is another amazing source of veggie inspiration, including this winter warming recipe for smokey lentils and harissa roasted cauliflower packed full of flavour from the smokey lentils and a bit of a kick from a homemade chilli paste. Created by Rebel Recipes  a vegan cook who creates the most delicious recipes full of flavour, excitement and colour.

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