Ethical Fashion Brands you’ll Love to Wear 

A couple of weeks back Blanch and I watched Stacey Dolleys BBC documentary Fashions Dirty Secrets and were shocked to see the effects our never ending appetite for cheap clothing has on the environment. Like majority of our friends we enjoy heading to the high street and treating ourselves to a new outfit or following the latest fashion trends on insta and therefore were pretty horrified to find out that the fashion industry is the fourth biggest polluter in the world following closely behind oil and agricultural. In the documentary Stacey explains how our demand for fast fashion means we are producing over a massive 100 billion new garments on a global scale each year which the planet simply cannot sustain.

From watching Stacey highlighting these pretty serious issues and reading up more about how some our favourite fast fashion brands go about manufacturing their garments and the negative impact this has on the communities surrounding the factory and the environment. We were inspired to research further into fashion brands that are making a positive change by prioritising ethics and sustainability through everything they do.

Through a bit of googling and recommendations from friends, Blanch and I came across some pretty amazing U.K. based brands that are renowned for their social integrity and commitment to the environment.

Through documentary’s like Stacey’s and various news reports, Blanch and I hope that this increasing awareness of the negative impacts of the fashion industry strives to push retailers to focus on the importance of ethical and sustainable practices.


One of our favourite discoveries is a London based brand called Beulah, their beautiful dresses are hand crafted by silk which has been screen printed by a women’s charity called Women’s interlink foundation based in Kolkata. These women have been rehabilitated and provided with a sustainable income through the charity’. Blanch and I just love this gorgeous chiffon tiered skirt, perfect for those up and coming Christmas parties!

People Tree are still one of the biggest names in ethical fashion after pioneering the idea that clothes can be stylish as well as environmentaly friendly. They were the first international clothing company to be awarded the world fair trade product label proving that clothes can be ethically made and affordable. This fab stylish is made from 100% organic cotton and eco friendly buttons.

Olive and I just love these quirky handbags produced in the heart of London’s East end by Paradise Row. The company uses recycled leather to create these eye catching designs which are then all produced by hand in the U.K.

This newly launched brand called Dagny has partnered with an ethical, women owned factory in Romania to produce their beautiful daywear. From choice of fabric through to their overval brand vision everything is done as ethically and environmental frienfly as possible. This oh so cute blouse is the perfect wardrobe staple to take you from day to night.

Since launching in 2003, Finisterre ethos has been to create stylish clothing that is built to last. From jackets made from recycled fabric through to chunky knits hand spun here in the U.K. These fab cord trousers combine a classic Spanish cord fabric with a contemporary boyfriend fit.

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