Seasonal Skincare

As the clocks go back and our days get cooler it can be tricky looking after our skin and hair during the dark winter months. The arrival of colder days means cosy jumpers, woolly hats and endless amounts of tea however it can also mean dry, flakey skin from that bitter winter wind especially when strolling across the beaches of Devon.

For us it’s all about moisture at this time of year, from luscious hand creams to velvety night creams. Blanch and I were amazed at how drying conventional soaps can be, full of sodium sulphate and synthetic fragrances. Instead try and opt for handmade soaps that are made from natural ingredients. One of our favourites is La- Eva a organic beauty company whose products come in ocean friendly recycled bottles. The Roseum Wash contains a gentle blend of organic olive and coconut oils and can be used on your face, hands and body.

Coconut Oil is another great moisture locking product to use on your skin during the winter months. containing vitamin E which repairs your skins natural barriers while maintaining moisture- perfect for those chilly November evenings. It can even remove stubborn waterproof mascara! Try Dr Jackson Coconut Melt produced in the U.K. and made from 100% organic coconut oil and specifically produced for dry skin.

Add additional moisture to your facial skin care routine by using a facial oil. There are many lovely natural facial oils to choose from however it is also super easy and cost effective to create your own. Take roughly 30ml of an organic base oil such as grape seed or carrot and then add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil. Try Eucalyptus when feeling run down with a winter cold or lavender if you are having trouble sleeping. Neals Yard have a great selection of essential oils that can be used for the skin or poured into a relaxing warm bubble bath.


This daily moisturising cream from Tropics skincare is packed full of over 20 skin loving plant and flower extracts including berry seed oils which are intensely nourishing for the skin, perfect for those chilly winter days. Tropics is one of our new favourite skin care brands, a 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free Tropics uses only pure ingredient that are free from harmful toxic chemicals and always include a ‘best before’ date on their products ensuring you are applying only the freshest ingredients to your skin.

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