The Recycled Candle Co

Recently Olive and I came across the The Recycled Candle Company a company that creates the most beautiful smelling candles that have been made from already used candle wax. In todays disposable world its so nice to see an independent business create such lovely products from materials that already exist. 

The Recycled Candle Company  work’s closely with local business such as hotels and restaurants across London who donate their unwanted candles and wax to be recycled After the wax has been collected the team at The Recycled Candle Company   melt, clean, dye and scent the old wax ready to be made into new candles.

There are so many beautiful scents to choose from, one of our favourites is ‘Ginger and Lime’ created from Sicilian lemon, Brazilian orange and patchouli. A vibrant and warming scent that is perfect for that relaxing Sunday morning with a cup of tea in one hand a good book in the other.

The Recycled Candle Company   also creates striking pillar candles that look great when clustered together in a disused fireplace or grouped together in glass lanterns. As it has now started to turn colder Olive and I are looking forward to hibernating away with a great film, knitted blanket and winter spice scented candle.

We both love the concept behind The Recycled Candle Company  and feel it is another simple yet really effective way of cutting down waste while using something that is pretty ordinary like old candle wax and turning it into something really lovely. We will definitely be keeping our eye out for the next workshop dates for 2019 where the team behind  The Recycled Candle Company  guide you through the different methods of making these beautifully smelling candles.

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