Ultra Violet- 2018’s Colour of the Year

You may have noticed that recently shades of violet have made their way back into the high street stores and in the pages of interior magazines, this is because Pantone the master of all colours has announced Ultra Violet as the key colour for 2018. I must admit when I first heard this my mind went straight back to shades of sugary lilac and pale pink that seem to be especially created for 8 year old girls! However after doing a spot of research I have uncovered that there are actually so many ways to use this dramatic purple shade to add a touch a glamour and sophistication to your interiors and wardrobe.

Inspired by musical icons like Prince and David Bowie, ultra violet is often used in western pop culture as an expression of individuality. There is also a mystical like quality attached to the colour which is often associated with the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Inspired by this I have put together some of my favourite ways to use ultra violet in the home.

I have found that purple is not necessarily the easiest colour to design with, however when used with a mix of Moroccan inspired textiles and timeworn wood the colour appears softer and more comforting. I particularly love the contrast of the white walls with this splash of ultra violet colour as featured in Elle Decor.

Using different shades of purple all over one room creates a dramatic yet cosy look as shown in the images above from dfs.  This looks particularly amazing when used in a period property to highlight certain features such as the coving or even the ceiling. To stop the room becoming too dark use reflective materials like a crystal chandelier, a large mirror and lots of glass.

If you find using shades of purple all over one room a bit on the scary side of life, then why don’t you use ultra violet as an accent colour instead. One velvet purple sofa for example can look amazing in a living room or as used as a pop of colour when decorating a table as interior store Amara does so wonderfully above.

I love the richness of the walls in the photo above from Delux,this deep shade of purple makes for a dramatic backdrop to any room. Add hints of gold or metallic’s to compliment the richness of this shade or pair back with natural earthy furnishings.

The deep purple hue of this velvet chair looks amazing against the soft blush pink of the sofa, I love the way the scatter cushions selected link the whole scheme together. Combined with the greenery of the plants and the various art work on the walls you have the prefect contemporary living room that as well as being modern is also comforting and warm.

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